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AHA Exfoliator 15% Glycolic Gel with Kojic Acid

AHA Exfoliator 15% Glycolic Gel with Kojic Acid

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Our AHA EXOLIATOR formula is gentle enough to use everyday for face, decollete & body. 

Glycolic Acid and is the smallest of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). The naturally occurring fruit acid derived from sugar cane. The small molecular structure allows it to effectively penetrate deeper into the skin below the epidermis to reach the collagen fibers below which serves as catalyst for the formulation of new collagen.

This results in 15%-25% Skin thickening over 12 weeks.

The dead skin cells are what cause a dull, uneven skin tone, and the blocking of pores leading to black heads and acne. The dissolving action of the Glycolic Acid leaves behind a clear, softer,  smoother more radiant complexion.

The formation of collagen helps plump up the skin from beneath smoothing out fine surface wrinkles and superficial scars.

Kojic Acid is the most often used as a skin-lightening agent.  It lightens sun damage, age spots, scars and dark marks caused by acne and melasma.

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