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What is TCA, Trichloroacetic Acid
TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) is a modified synthetic chemical based on common vinegar or acetic acid. All TCA peels are considered medium depth peels for skin resurfacing and much more potent exfoliators than Alpha Hydroxy (AHA) peels. It’s a powerful exfoliating agent that works by removing the outer layers of the skin in the epidermal and dermal regions.

Your skin naturally sheds its outer layer on a regular basis; this process slows with age. Chemical peels are powerful tools used by Dermatologists and Skin Spa Estheticians to resurface and rejuvenate their client’s skin for INSTANT RESULTS!

Professionally formulated TCA 15% helps to reduce fine lines, crepey skin and brighten skin tone by exfoliating dead skin cells for a more youthful appearance.

We lose collagen due to stress, sun damage, diet and the natural aging process. It’s the glue that literally holds us together.

According to ‘The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology’:
“Chemical peels are used to create an injury of a specific skin depth with the goal of stimulating new skin growth and improving surface texture and appearance. The exfoliative effect of chemical peels stimulates new epidermal growth and collagen with more evenly distributed melanin.”
What are the Ingredients?
Deionized water, Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA). Unbuffered, No additives, No Fragrances, No Preservatives and No Botanicals to slow down the actual peel process and your results.
How long does it take to start peeling?
Generally your skin will sting, turn red initially, then brownish and begins to peel 3-5 days after application.
Do I need a Neutralizer?
It’s recommended that you use a neutralizer so you can stop the peel from progressing deeper into the tissues. It also helps restore your skin’s pH back to normal.
Can I use this for Skin Tags?
Yes, a higher TCA percentage would work best 50% and higher while protecting the healthy tissues surrounding the tags with Vaseline.
Is there any Downtime?
Yes, 7-10 days if you’re using concentrations of 15% and higher.
Do you ship Internationally?
No not at this time.
If I've never done a chemical peel before what concentration should I start with?
If you just want to do a TCA peel. Start with 10% or 15% TCA. It is always best to begin low and slow and work up to stronger concentrations at a later date. Glycolic Acid Peels 25% (AHA) are also great for beginners even if you want to prime your skin for a few weeks prior to doing the TCA. Always do a PATCH TEST prior to doing an entire peel on the skin closest to the treatment area.


First time TCA Peel for myself, beautiful results.
—Madeline S.

Wow! ... Fabulous Peel. Very effective. Works fast and easy after 7 days.
—Katie M.

Love this peel. Will use it again for sure.
—June T.

Best and strongest TCA Peel. I use this brand in my spa.
—Lauren C.